Marine Corps War Memorial, Arlington VA  Concept Image - Perpetual Laser Star - USAF Memorial - ENRarchitects, Arlington VAMarine Corps War Memorial, Washington DC & Laser Star Concept Image

Proposed USAF Memorial Museum - ENRarchitects, Arlington VA

Proposed USAF Memorial Museum Site Adjacent to Marine Memorial - Arlington, VA

U.S. Air Force Memorial Museum Design Competition, Washington, D. C.

Located adjacent to the Marine Corps Memorial, Arlington VA, the proposed USAF museum emerges from a subterranean vault toward a view of the sky above the National Mall. The symbolic transition from earth to handmade to high-tech is accentuated by the use of the brick, steel & mirror "airmen" heliostat/laser towers, to the perpetual synthetic star hovering over "missing airman" position amongst the heliostat towers.

Drawing from the heliostat technology of the Solar One collector, Barstow, CA, reflected solar rays are concentrated into a daylight "star" and supplemented upon sunset by a visible helium-neon laser concentration.

Just as the distant view of the Mall can be seen from the landscape of the proposed memorial, the "star" can be seen from the steps of the Capitol and beyond.