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Kitchen Remodel - ENRarchitects - ChadJonesPhoto - WestlakeVillageCA  Kitchen Remodel - ENRarchitects-WestlakeVillageCA - HOUZZ

Kitchen Remodel, Westlake Village, CA

"Kitchen is wrapped up now completely. It's perfect. Can't be improved upon in any way as far as I can see.
Thanks for checking in! And for the great kitchen design of course! The place is perfect!
And we're especially happy to have it wrapped up before a third baby comes along."

-Rebekah, Thousand Oaks

Kitchen Remodel - ENRarchitects-ChadJonesPhoto - WestlakeVillageCA  Kitchen Remodel - ENRarchitects - ChadJonesPhoto - WestlakeVillageCA

Kitchen Remodel - ENRarchitects-WestlakeVillageCA - HOUZZ

Chad Jones Photography

Bulthaup Cabinetry


A young, energetic, growing family in Westlake Village, CA sought to remodel their four decade old kitchen. The improvements include: raised ceiling, large skylight well, removed partition walls, custom contemporary cabinets, matched salvaged flooring, LED lighting, new appliances, whole house fan, patio serving counter window, and quartz countertops. Photography by Chad Jones Photography, Thousand Oaks, CA and cabinets & counters by Bulthaup, Los Angeles, CA