"I think it may be a bit unusual for one architect to review another, but I can very easily say that Eric is one of the best architects I know.
He sets the bar pretty high for the rest of us in the field."

Bentley Tibbs, Architect
Dallas, TX

Eric Neahr Rohlfing
Architect, TX#-18077, CA#-29654, LEED-AP

Since 1984, combined experience in the fields of architectural and biotech mechanical engineering design.  His diverse experience includes planning, designing and building custom homes, room additions, landscapes, hardscapes, wholehouse remodels, park master plans, community centers, religious facilities, medical facilities, commercial facilities, real estate feasibility studies, machine tooling and furniture.

Ranch House Groundbreaking, Darryl Wood ,Contractor, E N Rohlfing Architect, Graham Wood Contractor, Frank D Welch, Architect, Montague County, TX, 1997 North TX Ranch House Groundbreaking, 1997

Darryl Wood (L, general contractor), Eric Rohlfing (project architect), Graham Wood (general contractor), and Frank D. Welch (R, principal architect)


ENR architects has been designing since the earliest of childhood memories, utilizing whatever materials and space became available. This love of design, art, mechanics and construction continued through high school, including art prizes and industrial design awards.

A BSME at CSULB led to a position with the R/D manufacturing engineering team at Pharmacia Ophthalmics in Pasadena, CA. However, the drive to combine art and construction lead to an MARCH at UT Arlington, TX and an apprenticeship with Frank D. Welch & Associates, Dallas, TX.

The fine points of architecture and small business learned in Texas, have been well served. ENR architects love the creativity & independence of small business, and the direct collaboration of working with residential and commercial clients.

With professional experience since 1984, and a lifetime of hands-on carpentry, machine design, instrumental music performance, sports, and art, each project design decision is tempered with a balance for success, and efficiency of construction.


● Practicing architecture independently since 2000 in Texas and California

● High-end custom residential and commercial design and general contracting with Topos Architects, Palo Alto, CA

● Project management and design of senior and community centers, including LEED Silver equivalent projects with Group 4 Architects & Planners, South San Francisco, CA

● High-profile community centers and religious facilities with LBL Architects, Arlington, TX

● High-end custom homes, schools and religious facilities under the mentorship of the regionally renown Frank Welch & Associates, Dallas, TX

● State-of-the-art computer controlled manufacturing equipment and processes with Pharmacia Ophthalmics, Inc., Pasadena, CA



● Master of Architecture, University of Texas, Arlington

● Bachelor of Science Mechanical Engineering, California State University, Long Beach

● Architectural License, California #C-29654

● Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professional (LEED-AP, 2002), U.S. Green Building Council

● Merit & Citation Awards, Ken Roberts Memorial Delineation Competition, Dallas, TX, 1993

● Escondido Historic Preservation Certificate of Appreciation For Restoration And Preservation Of Historic Resources, Escondido, CA, 1991

● Advanced Banjo Championship, CSULB Bluegrass Festival, Long Beach, CA, 1981

● Advanced Banjo Championship, Calico Bluegrass Festival, Barstow, CA, 1980


The Rohlfings are traced to the 19thC Minnesota family blacksmith shop. By 1920, Clifford A. Rohlfing owned an automotive center in Long Beach, CA.

In 1944, Robert W. Rohlfing trained as navigator/bombardier with the Army Air Corps in Victorville, CA, and became co-pilot & captain. He flew 60 missions between the South Pacific, and Korea, in B-25’s and B-26’s.

Rohlfing Machine & Blacksmith Shop, MN, 1910 Rohlfing Automotive, MN, 1910

CA Rohlfing Automotive, Long Beach, CA, 1930 CA Rohlfing Automotive, Long Beach, CA, 1930

CA Rohlfing, B-26, Japan, 1950 494th Bomb Wing, USAF, 1944 Robert Warren Rohlfing, Captain, USAF, Japan, 1950


Maternal great-great grandfather, David Neahr, trained as a nautical engineer in 19thC New York.

He pioneered to Yuma, AZ, began a steamboat supply service & supply depot along the Colorado River, built the territorial prison, began mining mining operations, married Maria Epsas, a Cocopah Indian, and had 10 children.

Property purchased in Phoenix, he designated as “public grounds”, upon which the Carniege Library resides.

Territorial Prison, Yuma, AZ, before Neahr, David William 1825-1884 Neahr, Maria Epsas Hupchess 1842-1891

Territorial Prison State Historic Park, Yuma, AZ

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