ENR architects, Granbury, TX 76049 - COMMERCIAL - Xirrus Convention Display


ENR architects, Granbury, TX 76049 - COMMERCIAL - Xirrus WiFi Convention Display

Xirrus WiFi Display Model, 2011 Interop Convention

"Thanks Eric, a lot of good stuff has come from the show, thanks! It was a great piece in our booth and allowed us to tell our story."

– Lorna, Xirrus WiFi

ENR architects designed the display models for the Xirrus WiFi installation at the 2011 Interop Convention, Las Vegas, NV, consisting of four cylindrical segments of white museum board on masonite.

The vertical cylinder segments harmonize with the Xirrus tower platform installation and feature model surfaces visible at any distance or angle nearby within the convention center.  The segments facilitate the ease of installation around the tower and transportation to the convention.  Each piece is connected with four integral pins to the adjacent models, enabling installation or disassembly within 5 minutes.

Two segments are of a middle school building plan at an approximate scale of 1” = 24’- 0”.  One of the two models indicate the density of Xirrus radio arrays as represented by 22 orange, blue & green discs.  The other model indicates the higher density of the traditional systems with 86 red discs.

The remaining two model segments represent a 25 square mile area of the Las Vegas strip at a scale of approximately 1” = 750’- 0”.  The Xirrus radio towers are indicated by 22 blue tower symbols and individual user groups are represented by 600 reflective, shimmering discs, clustered along the strip.  The traditional towers indicate 22 red tower symbols and the relative 60 reflective user group discs.

Eric Neahr Rohlfing
Architect, TX#-18077, CA#-29654, LEED-AP